The Minutes at Studio 54 Theatre

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Studio 54 Theatre | New York, New York

This summer The Minutes is back for more! known for being one of the most legendary broadway shows, 2022s tour isn't one to be missed by anybody, especially not die hard The Minutes fans! Playing at the unsurpassed Studio 54 in New York City, New York one of the most central spots in town and definitely the best! Remember stick Thursday 23rd June 2022 in the diary for this extravaganza! You certainly won't have any regrets for experiencing the biggest night in town this June thats for sure! Simply click 'get tickets' to bag yours today because when they're gone, THEY'RE GONE!

The Minutes at Studio 54

For the love of broadway book your tickets now for The Minutes and its all anybody in the biz seems to be talking about! The New York times had some excellent words to say about the exceptional production, the response from the media has been unprecedented. A cast of rising stars, the lighting, the effects, the production, just stunning! Back on the road for summer, 2022, its already looking like another smash hit! Visitors love the idea that The Minutes will be at is showing at the glorious, the stunning, Studio 54, New York City, New York. amongst fans its favoured, its right in the centre of the city, the facilities are brilliant and refreshments are a plenty! Begin the night in a great place, the rest is likely stress free! Suitable for the whole family, it will be quite the night! If you want access, look for the 'get tickets' button above.

The Minutes at Studio 54

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