The Minutes at Studio 54 Theatre

The Minutes Tickets

Studio 54 Theatre | New York, New York

Allow yourself a night of fun this June because right now is your chance to buy tickets to this summers HOTTEST broadway show, yes thats right The Minutes is back on tour for 2022 with an awesome cast, some pretty unbelievable effects and apparently the best broadway show on in theatre this year! Hosted by Studio 54, New York City, New York ….undoubtedly the most ideal venue for a winning broadway production like The Minutes. Saturday 18th June 2022 needs to be saved IMMEDIATLEY, historically tickets have sold out fast, grab your tickets today! Click the link to buy yours now!

The Minutes at Studio 54

Trying to work out what the finest new broadway show to see? Well have we got a surprise for you! Because the smash hit The Minutes is touring the US for 2022! This summer get yourself back into the swing of things with a priceless treat! Playing at the finest venue in town, Studio 54 of New York, New York City. Known for its many smashing characteristics but mainly its proximity to the centre of town, so you'll be able to continue your wonderful evening in style at all your favourite places. Let June be a month to remember, The Minutes is suitable for all ages, so bring the kids! Be sure you have an empty diary Saturday 18th June 2022, because like previous tours, this years is expected to be the same and smash the box office, so be sure you secure your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment, click 'get tickets' to bag yours now!

The Minutes at Studio 54

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