The Minutes at Studio 54 Theatre

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Studio 54 Theatre | New York, New York

You love broadway more than life itself? We have something in store for you today! This legendary production, The Minutes is touring the US for summer, 2022, what an exciting prospect! The big night will be taking place at the magical THE unsurpassed Studio 54, New York City, New York for one thrilling night this June. Its clear this will be another smash hit so be sure to get your tickets fast! Write this date down in the diary: Friday 17th June 2022 and scroll up to select the 'get tickets' link, surprise the family with the gift of experience this June.

The Minutes at Studio 54

Broadway productions come a'plenty – not like this though… The Minutes is BACK! It's 2022 and there are a few surprises in store! There is a cast that any world class production would be proud of, some exceptional writing, and effects that'll have your mouth wide open! Critics have said this is nothing short of impressive or in the words of The New York Times 'the top broadway production of the summer'! Playing at the impressive Studio 54, New York City this June, known for it's large capacity for high end productions like this one, it's also in the perfect location, with close by major transportation. Stick Friday 17th June 2022 in the diary, because The Minutes will no doubt be another box office smash hit, so don't leave it too late to grab your tickets, simply click the 'get tickets' link to buy yours now! It'll be the highlight of your summer!

The Minutes at Studio 54

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