The Minutes at Studio 54 Theatre

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Studio 54 Theatre | New York, New York

In love with broadway? There is something here that'll have you jumping for joy! This legendary production, The Minutes has a new tour for spring, 2022, what an exciting prospect! The extravaganza will be held at the simply stunning THE unbelievable Studio 54, New York City, New York for one thrilling night this March. This is going to be a box office smash so get hold of some tickets before everybody else does! Put this date in your iPhone calendar: Thursday 24th March 2022 and use this page to purchase your tickets by clicking buy, give the whole family an unforgettable gift this March.

The Minutes at Studio 54

Seeing a Broadway show is a pretty exciting prospect, and excitingly enough guess who's coming to town? Thats right, the magnificent The Minutes! This critically acclaimed show has wowed fans across the US so many times before, and finally it's here in spring, 2022 to create some lasting memories! Visitors of Studio 54 often comment on the beautiful surroundings, a eye catching and spacious venue well known for its large capacity and being in such a popular destination, an ideal spot to start your night! Why not share this experience with others? It's definitely a memory maker and during the show you will see your favourite stars in the flesh, performing live! How thrilling! Held on Thursday 24th March 2022 at Studio 54, New York City, New York, if you're looking forward to this, make sure you buy your tickets now, you wont regret it!

The Minutes at Studio 54

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