The Minutes at Studio 54 Theatre

The Minutes Tickets

Studio 54 Theatre | New York, New York

Theatre goers all over have been waiting for this news that The Minutes is on the stage once more for spring, 2022! And amazingly enough, it will be playing at none other than the magnificent Studio 54, New York City, New York this April!! A real magnificent theatre, the favorite in town and perfect for the likes of The Minutes. If you want some original entertainment on Friday 22nd April 2022 then buy a set tickets now by simply select the link on this page!

The Minutes at Studio 54

Broadway lovers are thrilled to gain the knowledge that The Minutes is touring the US for spring, 2022! the multi award winning production is loved by fans all over the world. This tour is expected to come with a few new surprises, and said to be the best tour yet! Critics are rolling out ALL the reviews and honestly? They are GREAT! Why not do something with the whole family this April? The place to be is the spectacular Studio 54 in New York City, New York, well known for hosting big broadway shows, the obvious choice for The Minutes! If you haven't booked the day off for Friday 22nd April 2022 then what are you waiting for? Tickets wont be around for long, so all you need to do is scrolling up to 'get tickets', this moment! Go on, treat yourself!

The Minutes at Studio 54

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